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Overseas Players

At UNSWCC, we welcome passionate cricket players from all around the world. 

Only three overseas players are chosen each year - and only one can play in the First Grade at a time. This is so we adhere to the Sydney Grade competition requirements, along with 20 other clubs that apply the same rules. 

The selection process is very exclusive. 

Our ideal
overseas player:

  •  Is genuinely excited about playing cricket in Australia, and making a contribution to our club.

  • Is independent and willing to get themselves set up in Sydney. While UNSWCC can give you leads on accommodation and job searches, we're counting on you to do the work.

  • Has stellar cricket skills that fit right into our club.

First and Second Grade-standard fast and fast-medium bowlers are our top preference!

To help calibrate, First Grade in Sydney is somewhere around English County 1sts/County 2nds standard; UK Premier League 1st Grade is typically equivalent to Second Grade in Sydney.

If you're interested in applying for an overseas slot, please send your CV and a short cover note to our secretary here:

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